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Social Media Graphics

Combining my graphic design and social media expertise, I have created several graphics while managing various social media accounts.

Below is a collection of some of my work (more can be found on the "Work" and "Internship Work" pages).

DJO Athletics

I managed the DJO Athletics Twitter and Instagram accounts for just over 3 years. As I managed the accounts remotely and on a volunteer basis, my graphic design styles constantly changed. Check out a sample of the social media graphics I created below and more information about the social media accounts under the "Social Media" page.

Once employed by Bishop O'Connell in September 2020, I started managing the DJO Athletics Instagram account again in May 2021 and started assisting with managing the Twitter account again in October 2021. See below the CNU Women's Soccer graphic section on this page for my more recent work.

DJO Athletics 2017 Twitter Header


DJO Athletics 2018 Twitter Header

DJO Header 2018.JPG

Sample of DJO Athletics Still Social Media Graphics