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Graphic and Web Design

For my CPSC 216 class, I created a website using HTML and CSS.

I have worked on various graphic design projects using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and iPhone apps. I have also done some web design with HTML and CSS, as well as some other computer programming.

For personal graphic design projects done for fun:

For website design and computer programming work visit:

Bishop O'Connell Graphic Design Projects

Bishop O'Connell Sports Graphics

Social Media Graphics

Bishop O'Connell High School Style Guide

Bishop O'Connell Style Guide-01.png

Viewbook 2021

Assisted with development of the Bishop O'Connell High School viewbook for 2021. The Communications and Admissions offices collaborated with Raison Brands. Click on the image below to view the viewbook.

Viewbook 2021.png

O'Connell Gifs - 2021

Created and uploaded gifs into Giphy, to be used on Instagram and Twitter.

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